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For over 100 years Lysol has cleaned and disinfected everything from hospital halls and school gymnasiums to household bathrooms and kitchens. Lysol disinfectant spray has double the germ-killing power of most comparable sprays, and comes in eight fresh fragrances. Print out these 2017 coupons for Lysol and keep your household safe and clean.

Use convenient Lysol Disinfecting Wipes for quick cleanups, Disinfectant Spray To Go for your daily counter cleaning needs, and keep some Lysol Concentrate Disinfectant under the sink for the big jobs. Take care of your Lysol needs at discount prices using these printable coupons.

Free Lysol Spray

$.50 Off Lysol Bathroom Cleaner Printable Coupon

Get rid of that grime in your tub. You’ll be suprised at how shiny it is. Take $.50 off with this coupon printed out to your nearest grocery store for your next purchase! Lysol Bathroom Cleaner – $0.50 Off (Buy 1)    
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