3 Unthinkable Steals on Amazon Right Now

Don’t You Love Finding Amazon Gold?   Naturally I looked on Amazon … and I uncovered an Unthinkable deal which I promptly purchased!   My waffle maker broke today – huge bummer.  It was a Waring Professional Belgium Waffle Maker that I got as a wedding gift
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50,000 Coupons?!? This Couponer Has An Incredible Organization System.

(VIDEO) Coupon Robot Pulls From Her 50,000+ Coupons So She Can Save Hundreds At The Grocery Store! I have a hard time keeping track of 100 coupons, let alone 50,000!  This crazy couponer had her son develop a robot to store, organize and pull coupons.  More impressive than her robot i
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Weirdest Coupons: 85% Off Man Buns!

Sexy Man Ban Clip-in
In Case Of Emergency, Clip In A Man Bun! Are the man buns being sported as a sexy male hairstyle actually fake?  How are we going to be able to tell whose bun is real and whose is fake?  Questions like these are a normal reaction as you learn that everything you thought you knew and l
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Fake Target Coupon Goes Viral Tricking Thousands

Target coupon offering 50% off an entire purchase turns out to be a scam! If you are always looking for great coupons, especially around black friday/cyber monday, than you probably saw this floating around your facebook feed. Unfortunately, if you tried to claim this target coupon yo
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Free Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg!

There is nothing better than free food! This coupon is for a 100% Free Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg! It comes from SavingStar. If you are already a member of SavingStar then just click the coupon to activate it to one of your loyalty cards. Otherwise, register for free and claim yo
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