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Aspirin was invented by Bayer in 1897. So when you take Bayer for headache relief, back pain, fever or injury relief, you are using the pain aid that everyone else sought to emulate. Get Bayer products at deep discounts with these 2017 coupons.

Bayer provides effective pain relief with a consistently high quality line of products, so you know when you take Bayer you’re getting the best. Browse these coupons for Bayer products and get rid off that pain, whether it’s an owee from stubbing your toe or an achy cold. Bayer is there for you.

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$1.00 Off Bayer Aspirin Printable Coupon

Did you know that Aspirin can help reduce the risks of a heart attack and a stroke as well as relieve pain? It could very well save your life. So take this printed out coupon to your nearest grocery store for your next Bayer Aspirin purchase! Bayer Aspirin – $1.00 Off (Buy 1) &n
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