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Durex has been making condoms for over 80 years. Exceeding the industry standards, Durex manufactures condoms to be safe and reliable. Durex also is constantly expanding their product lines–now including a wide variety of condoms, lubricants, and vibrators.


Durex makes condoms tailored to individual couples with options ranging in size, flavor, and texture. Whether you are looking for tropical flavored condoms, condoms designed to feel as natural as possible, or condoms that ensure a longer lasting experience, Durex has the exact match for you. Even better, we have all the accompanying coupons.

So while you’re shopping around for the perfect condom, make sure to take a little extra time and use one of our many printable Durex coupons. Our printable coupons will save you money, while Durex meets all of your 2017 condom needs.

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