Duncan Hines Coupons

Baking a cake takes a mix of talent and the right ingredients, but these days a Duncan Hines cake mix gives you both in one box. Duncan Hines makes a fantastic variety of fun and delicious cakes and icings, so you can have cake for any occasion in a few easy steps. Use our printable coupons to pick up some Duncan Hines cake and muffin mixes and keep everyone guessing about your new-found culinary talents.

Duncan Hines makes ring-shaped Bundt Cakes like Strawberry Key Lime, classic layer cakes like Spring Blossom Cake and Pink Lemonade, as well as cupcakes and innovative fun cake creations like Peaches and Creme Pushpops. Our 2017 Duncan Hines coupons can help you decide which mix to use for your celebration – even if you’re celebrating nothing at all!

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