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Old El Paso Coupons

The very words “Old El Paso” evoke the flavors of the border, where Tex meets Mex and tastes are bold. Old El Paso salsas and sauces rock your tacos and enchiladas – and even your morning eggs or your midweek meatloaf. Use these valuable printable coupons to pick up some Old El Paso salsa for authentic bold Tex/Mex flavor.

Old El Paso taco sauce is the real thing – a smooth spicy mix of herbs, peppers and tomatoes that you can drizzle over your favorite dish, whether it be an authentic carne asada taco or a grilled hot dog. Old El Paso Chunky salsa adds kick to your burritos or nachos and is just great for dips. Pick up some taco sauce and salsa from Old El Paso using our 2014 coupons and enjoy the flavors of Mexico with a kick.