Hidden Valley Coupons

Hidden Valley put ranch dressing on the map back in 1954, when Steve and Gayle Henson served their guests salads topped with their original recipe at their Santa Barbara ranch. Since then Hidden Valley has been combining tantalizing dressings that make any salad come alive with flavor. Get discounts on Hidden Valley’s wonderful flavors using these printable coupons.


Hidden Valley’s Original Ranch comes in Light, Fat Free and Organic, and you can choose from a dazzling variety of flavors including Classic Cheese, Buttermilk, Spicy and Bacon. They also make great Italian, Herbal, Dijon and other tasty flavors. Don’t forget to try their dressing and dip mixes. With Hidden Valley, you never need to have a humdrum salad again. And these 2017 coupons can get you started on your own collection of Hidden Valley favorites.

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